Sarcoxie Township
and Fire Department

Sarcoxie Fire Department
Emergency contact phone numbers



Fail safe numbers in the improbable event that 911 services should fail:

Jefferson County Dispatch 785-863-3232 or 863-2351 or 863-2247

Leavenworth County 913-682-5724

Douglas County 785-843-0250

Poison Center National Help Line: 1-800-222-1222 or 1-800-332-6633

Sarcoxie Burn permits 785-312-1105; Fire Chief Tracy Dover 785-312-1105

Sarcoxie Township Web site:

RWD # 13 Office: 785-842-1502; RWD # 13 Treatment Plant: 785-842-2977

Jefferson County Sheriff (NON EMERGENCY): 785-863-2765

Jefferson County Game Warden, Jeff Clouser: 620-450-7185

Jefferson County Emergency Manager, Keith Jeffers: 785-403-0699

Jefferson County Dispatch: 785-863-2247

Jefferson County Health Department: 785-403-0025

Jefferson County Emergency Alerts: 785-863-4773

FreeState Electric Coop: 913-796-6111 or 800-794-1989

Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging: 1-800-798-1366;


  • The first emergency number to call is 911 either by land phone or cell phone.

  • In the improbable event that the 911 circuit malfunctions, call the fail safe number in your location.

  • Place this number list in a easy access area in your home or car. Call the Sarcoxie Fire Chief for Additional copies.

  • Consider adding these and other numbers to your cell phone address book or your computer.

  • Use the space at the bottom for frequently called numbers like veterinarian service, family doctor, Humane Society, etc.

  • This information courtesy of the Sarcoxie Township Board and Fire Department, RWD # 13, Jefferson County Dispatch, and Jefferson County Emergency Management.