Sarcoxie Township
and Fire Department

Sarcoxie Township Board


Pursuant to Kansas Statutes, Chapter 80 - Townships and Township Officers, the Sarcoxie Township Board of Trustees shall work collectively to promote safety and fire protection for township residents.

The Board will function within the constraints of the tax revenue and volunteer personnel that is available. The Board will directly and actively meet with the Fire Chief monthly for a review and exchange of fire department business. There is no compensation for Board members, and all fire department personnel are appointed as volunteers. The Board meeting is open for public comment and suggestions for township improvements, and will act as a vessel to the County Commissioners. The three member Sarcoxie Township Board of Trustees meets monthly and consists of a Trustee, Treasurer, and Clerk. The Trustee presides over meetings, and speaks for the Board at major functions. The Treasurer prepares the monthly budget, pays the bills, prepares the annual budget, handles communication with vendors, keeps line items separate between fire budget and general township budget, and prepares the web site information. The Township check book is held by the Treasurer, and all check payment requires the signature of two Township Board members. The Board reconciles the bank balance with the treasurer’s report monthly. The Clerk prepares the minutes and posts the agenda for monthly meetings, acts as Sergeant-at-Arms during official meetings, and represents the Board as requested for correspondence and designated meetings. All Board members are elected from township registered voters at the scheduled elections set by the County. Each Board member serves a four-year term, without term limits. Board responsibilities include: 1. Set and oversee the Township general budget. 2. Set and oversee the Township Fire Department budget. 3. Govern the Fire Department Special Equipment budget. 4. Annually review and acknowledge the Fire Fighter Fund. 5. Oversee the facilities and equipment. 6. Appoint the Fire Chief. 7. At the January meeting, establish the annual meeting day, time, and place, plus the official newspaper for publications, and the web site. 8. At least two members must be at official meetings to conduct business, and Roberts Rules of Order are followed. 9. The Township Board acts also as the Fire Board. 10. In the event of a vacancy in the Sarcoxie Township Board, the remaining Board members will notify the Jefferson County Commissioners by written statement. Filling the vacancy will follow current County regulations. 11. The Sarcoxie Township Board is opposed to and prohibits harassment in any form which might interfere with the working environment or impede the work performance of any Sarcoxie Township Board and Fire Department members. 12. By-laws are continuous, but may be changed at any time during a scheduled meeting by majority vote. Current By-Laws are posted on the Sarcoxie Township web site (