Sarcoxie Township
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Sarcoxie Township
Welcome to our Sarcoxie web page. Information is gathered here to give you a quick review of our Township Board, Fire Department, Township Organizations, Community Activities, and Special Events. For easy access please click on the information links of your interest and follow the instructions.

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Storm Sirens
Three storm sirens have been installed. Be aware of county testing twice a month. The planned times are the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 11:00 a.m.
Emergency Numbers

Emergency phone numbers


The first emergency number to call either by land phone or cell phone is: 911

Jefferson County Fail-safe number –

785-863-3232 or 785-863-2351

Additional emergency phone numbers
Better Township ISO Rating
Sarcoxie Township was awarded with a better ISO rating based on our Fire Department equipment, personnel, training, and response time for fire emergencies. This change in rating may be favorable to Sarcoxie patrons related to their fire insurance premiums. Patrons should check with their insurance company.