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Sunnyside School

Sunnyside School Information

The historic “Sunnyside School Building”, located in Sarcoxie Township just south of the 13th and Republic road junction, has become a township community center since its school closure in 1954. The grand old country school building was one of the first one-room school buildings in Kansas dating back to 1866. Sunnyside School was the education center for area children, first through eighth grade, and still presents reminders of those past times with chalk boards, teacher’s desks, student desks and chairs, and the old out-door privies. The building was purchased by the SVEHUC from the McLouth School District in 1979, and has been available for community activities, club meetings, and the voting site for Sarcoxie residents. EHUC members and other area volunteers maintain the building. Rules for the Sunnyside Building disallow smoking, alcoholic beverages, or illegal substances, and groups or individuals must obtain prior approval for facility use, and are responsible for damage control and cleanup. Citizens interested in volunteer assistance or in scheduling activities should contact current EHUC president Marilyn Sharkey for more information.