Sarcoxie Township
and Fire Department

Sarcoxie Fire Department

Sarcoxie Township Fire Chief Requirement considerations

1. Availability

2. Related experience

3. Current certificates and related education/knowledge

4. Personal and professional qualities; i.e. trust, integrity, leadership, assertiveness, evaluation skills, good work ethics, organization, dependability, non-procrastination, technical knowledge, budget knowledge, NIMS awareness.

5. Related physical, mental, and emotional skills

6. Applications for Fire Chief are available at the Township Board Office, and are only available when the position is deemed available. Advertising for the Chief position is the responsibility of the Township Board.


The Fire Chief will be evaluated each year by the Sarcoxie Township Board of Trustees. The evaluation system is used as a tool to “Build and improve”. Evaluations are used to assess performance of duties, responsibilities, and personal and professional qualities as associated with the Chief position. The Fire Chief is appointed and evaluated by the Sarcoxie Board of Trustees. The duties and responsibilities of the Chief are Board approved, and listed on the web site.

Fire Department Mission

The Mission for The Sarcoxie Fire Department is to provide fire protection and prevention, and medical safety to the township patrons and those in our mutual aid community. Included are safety of fellow firefighters and responders, safety of life, and safety of property. These and other goals are achieved through continued training and education by all volunteers within the Department, and the joint efforts and cooperation of Community, Administration, and Organization Membership. Each partner in this organization accepts the mission, and thereby becomes a positive respectful advocate and participant.


The Sarcoxie Township Volunteer Fire Chief position is appointed and evaluated by the Sarcoxie Township Board of Trustees. The Assistant Chief for Operations and the Assistant Chief for Facilities and Maintenance are recommended by the duly appointed Chief, and must be affirmed by the Sarcoxie Township Board of Trustees. The Fire Chief is expected to plan, organize, and manage all Fire Department activities, and assumes the responsibility for administration of Township Fire and Medical services. The Chief will prepare and recommend the annual Fire Department budget to the Board of Trustees, and will apply Department leadership within the policies, regulations, and guidelines under the authority of the Sarcoxie Township Board.


The following list of duties and responsibilities are in part the functions of the Fire Chief position. Additional duties and responsibilities in accordance with expected operations, administration, and success of the Fire Department, though not listed, are assumed to be associated with Fire Chiefs’ positions in general, and appropriate NIMS guidelines.

1. Direct and organize all Township fire, rescue, and medical services.

2. Appoint an Assistant Chief for Operations and an Assistant Chief for Facilities and Maintenance to be affirmed by the Sarcoxie Township Board of Trustees.

3. Develop within the Fire Department an organizational chart, approved by the Department and submitted to the Township Board.

4. Prepare the annual Department budget, and present the budget request to the Township Board at the appropriate meeting.

5. Direct the preparation of all fire and medical reports, and ensure the completion of all records.

6. Deliver a Chief’s report at each monthly Township meeting, and approve and submit all Fire Department requests and expenditures to the Township Board.

7. Oversee Fire Department programs geared for good will and Community service.

8. Possess a valid Kansas driver’s license.

9. Work under the guidelines of NIMS as they relate to our volunteer system.

10. Provide and promote sound judgment, good decisions, and problem solutions for our Fire Department and Community.

11. Establish a system for recruiting new Fire Department members, and develop training guidelines and expectations for recruits.

12. Work for core values, cohesiveness, and pride within the Fire Department, and establish a sense of direction with short and long term goals.

13. Become involved in recognition, fund raising, and grant proposals for the Fire Department.

14. Establish a Community and Fire Department environment of trust, confidentiality, and integrity through ethical behavior, open communication, and quality leadership skills.

15. Establish inventory for all Department equipment, and assume responsibility for care and maintenance of the equipment, buildings, and vehicles.

16. Promote education, work shops, and training sessions to enhance the function and technical skills of our volunteer personnel.

17. Possess a working knowledge and understanding of all Department equipment, and a format for crisis management, fire prevention and suppression, and rescue and medical procedures.

18. Abide by the laws of the land, promote safety among our volunteers, and act as a role model for the Township Fire Department.